Et Cetera


* Aquaponics
* trees + shrubs
* benches, tables, various builds

Wish to Grow!

Herbs & Teas:
Mugwort. for the dreaming properties
White Sage. for tea, and smudge
Green tea.

Extra Projects!
Birdhouses, Bathouse, Bee Hive?
Improve TCG Sign, fix up Sonia Sanchez sign, paint a mural (on 15th&Fontain)
Paper from Invasive Plants

Tiny House Design Charette

North Philly Gardens

TCG Press

Eco-Post bulletin board for Temple's green organizations

Past members featured:

Dylan DeVlieger's portable garden


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Main Garden:
Diamond & Carlisle St.

Sonia Sanchez Garden:
Diamond & Carlisle St.
(across the street)