12 March 2014

Water Consumption

As gardeners, we are well aware of the importance of water. Plants and humans need water to live. Therefore, it is an extremely important resource. Unfortunately, the supply of potable water is not always equal to the demand in many places around the globe.

California's drought is getting a lot of press these days, and for good reason, its a pretty big problem! But what can we do about it? We live on the other side of the continent. Do the decisions we make really have an impact on a drought occurring 3,000 miles away?

Yes, they do!

If you attended one of our earlier meetings this semester, you'll remember the web of life activity we used as both an icebreaker and an educational exercise. We learned that all forms of life are interconnected. That means we Pennsylvanians actually play a significant role on what's happening to our counterparts in California.

For example, California is America's largest dairy suppler, and, as this article illustrates, it takes gallons and gallons of water just to produce one stick of butter or one slice of cheese. But this is hardly news to us. Just think how often you have to water your TCG veggies in order to get a healthy yield, and that's just for a small square raised bed. Many of us probably buy diary products that are sourced from Californian diary farms without even realizing it. This is a prime example of how buying local food products can make a difference.

Also, San Francisco made a smart move by banning single use plastic water bottles. If you find yourself relying on plastic water bottles, you might want to follow their example and invest in a reusable bottle. Even the little lifestyle changes can lead to reducing your water waste footprint.

Now that it's finally starting to heat up outside, we are reminded of how great access to a cool glass of water really is. So let's think of some places where we could reduce excess water use, so there will be more glasses to go around!

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