21 February 2014

Presentation 2/20 Meeting

Here is the information from our 2/20 Meeting PowerPoint for anyone who wasn't able to attend:

Plant Life Cycle

- Seed
- Germination
- Maturation
- Flowering
- Fruiting
- Fertilization
- Seed Production
- Decay

Why Care?
You need to understand how your plants function in order to best take care of them.

Basic Plant Needs:

- Water
- Air
- Growing medium
     - Organic Matter
     - Mineral Content
- Light

- Time
- Love!

Natural Sources: rain, ground water, pond, etc.

Turgor Pressure

Phloem and Xylem

Water... depends on the plant, but GENERALLY
- Water deeply: saturate the growing medium- not just the area near the plant
       - This encourages strong root growth
- Don't puddle

- Humidity: brown tips indicate lack of humidity


The Carbon Cycle

Oxygen is a byproduct of the photosynthesis process
- tiny pores on the leaves

- can lead to water loss

Growing Medium

- Soil: contains minerals
- Compost: decomposed organic matter
- Hydroponic- liquid growing medium, nutrients added

- Support
- Nutrients: Food


Different types of plants require different amounts of light per day

Greens: 4 hours

Roots: 4-6 hours

Fruit: at least 6-8 hours

How this applies to us:
- Garden Design
- How to care for our plants
- Obtaining maximum yield

  • Seed- food, source of new plants
  • Germination- sprouts
  • Maturation
  • Flowering- pretty!, beginning of fruit
  • Fruiting- food,
  • Fertilization
  • Seed Production- new generation
  • Decay- compost
For Next Week:
Identify 5 plants that you’d really like to grow, bring names to meeting and be ready to design your garden!






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