24 January 2014


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TCG is looking for volunteers to help us run some of the great programs we have planned for this semester. So if you are looking for a way to get involved, take a page from Catniss' book and volunteer.
Don't worry, we won't make you fight to the death or anything...
If you are interested in helping out with our Sonia Sanchez flower garden on the corner of Diamond and Carlisle, now is a good time to speak up! We have some big plans for the garden this semester. We hope to have the space landscaped ASAP so that we can go ahead with our Groundbreaking Poetry Event. Sonia Sanchez is Philadelphia's poet laureate, as well as a haiku wizard. Sometime during the week of April 14th, we are planning to host an event where we will write our own haikus on seed paper and plant them in the garden.
We are also looking for a volunteer to help run our Kairos House program. The schedule is flexible, but you do need to be willing to meet in the garden with the members of Kairos House at least once a week.
If you are an aspiring teacher or someone interested in sharing your love for the garden with some cool kids, volunteer to help out with our Penrose afterschool program! Penrose is a recreation center in Philadelphia. We were unable to participate in this program last semester due to renovations that were going on at their facilities. However, we hope to get the program up and running again this spring.
We also need mentors for our department led garden plots. Some departments at the university have expressed an interest in gardening with us this spring, and we need some TCG members to guide them on their gardening journeys.
Just like our future plants, the list keeps on growing. TCG is a member of Temple University's Green Council (along with Students for Environmental Action, Temple Outdoor Club, and more), and we need a TCG member to represent our club at the Council's meetings.
Finally, we are working to create an initiative to submit to the OwlFund so that we can get some money to make a top notch new garden space (wherever that may be). If you have ideas, let us know. We need to submit our initiative by February 1st, so make haste, y'all.
Suffice it to say, we need you. No matter if you are a new member or old, we would love some help. So get like Catniss and volunteer!

Email us at temple.vegetables@gmail.com or come to our next meeting. (Thurs. 1/30 @8 HGSC North Room 220)

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