10 December 2013

Greenhouse Study Break

Walking around campus in the snow this morning got me thinking about two things: snowmen and warmth. Naturally, this reminded me of that time Karen got pneumonia, and Frosty took her to a greenhouse so she wouldn't freeze to death. What a novel idea. Who knew there was so much science going on in this classic holiday film?

As gardeners, it's important that we understand how greenhouses work. So here is a (brief!) science lesson.

During the day, the sun shines on the glass or plastic windows of the greenhouse. The solar radiation gets trapped in the greenhouse and becomes thermal energy (a.k.a heat). This creates a microclimate that allows gardeners to extend the seasons of their warm-weather crops into the chilly winter months.

SPOILER ALERT: Frosty melts.

Take a study break and check out these noteworthy greenhouses from around the globe.

The Public Glasshouses at the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburg.

The New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx

Greenhouse complex at the Royal Castle of Laeken in Brussels
A Hydroponic greenhouse called Thanet Earth in Kent

via Pinterest
This one was made with old windows.

via Pinterest
Oh la la, what a fancy little hoop house!

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