05 December 2013

Fall 2013 Review

     It seems like only yesterday our garden was overflowing with tomatoes and other summer-time crops. Now the hoop houses are up, and the fall semester is drawing to a close. It's sad to see the time fly by so quickly, but we can find joy in knowing we spent it doing so many good things!

For starters, our Sonia Sanchez garden is looking pretty spiffy, if we do say so ourselves. When we started our clean-up efforts in September the garden was a mess. We picked up beer cans, tuna containers, and even a bra that someone had thrown over the fence. We weeded, and weeded, and weeded some more until the space looked polished and neat. We have even more plans for the Sonia Sanchez garden in the spring so stay tuned!

The main garden is looking pretty good as well! We've cleaned up our raised beds, and we are working on updating our compost area.

Meetings this fall were highly educational and fun to boot. Some of our discussion topics included gardening basics and how to maintain winter crops. And let's not forget to mention that time we made our very own chemical-free laundry detergents. Jackie LaCorte won us over on that one, and she's now shares the position of events coordinator with Joy Waldinger. Well played, Jackie, well played.

Naturally, Philadelphia is our favorite place to be (it is our home, after all!), but we are not bound by its city limits. This spring Gabrielle Taube took us on a trip to Brooklyn Grange, a roof top farm in New York City. It was an inspiring visit. On top of vegetables, the farm is home to a beehive, a chicken coop, and a super hot compost system.

 And then there was our shining glory, the Temple Community Garden Fall Feast. This year we raised over $900 dollars. Not too shabby. The best part is its all going to fantastic cause. The money we raised will be used to provide school kids at Blaine Elementary with fruit and vegetables smoothies every Tuesday and Thursday morning. Three cheers for healthy produce!

Thanks everyone! See you in the Spring!


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