19 March 2013

This Week in the Garden

Wow, tomorrow is already the first day of Spring! So in honor of the (soon to be) warmer weather, we'll be getting back to the garden much more often and at more regular times each week.

Please note that garden hours have only their start times listed.  Most garden hours will last for one hour, but depending on the amount of work to do and the weather, lengths will vary. The tentative hours for now are as follows:

Tuesday-- 2 pm with Sarah

Wednesday-- 4 pm with Heather

Friday-- 1 pm with Katy

Saturdays-- 1pm with Tene

If you would like to open the garden at a different time that works for more people, please
email temple.vegetables@gmail.com!

During April, will also have hours to garden with a local youth program. If you think you'd like to garden with us from 3 pm to 5 pm on Fridays in April or you just want more information, don't hesitate to contact temple.vegetables@gmail.com.

We like to keep everyone as best informed about our activity as possible, so we now have an opt-in text program so you can get TCG updates sent right to your phone! You'll never miss when a garden hour is changed or canceled and you'll always stay in the loop. To do this, we are using the program Remind101. You can receive the updates about garden hours and the Penrose after school program.

To receive updates about Garden Hours:  Text @tcghours to (484) 474-5864.
To receive updates about Penrose:  Text @tcgpenrose to (484) 474-5864.

Have a great first day of Spring!!

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