01 October 2012

Regular Garden Hours posted

Main Garden will be open at the following times on a weekly basis:
Any deviations from the norm will be specified on a case to case basis. Check back frequently!

Sundays: 12-1pm with Dana
Mondays: 5-6pm with Alison
Tuesdays: 3-4pm with Kalen
Wednesdays: 1-2pm with Katie
Thursdays: 10-11am with Katy 
Fridays: 2:30-3:30pm with Ashley
Saturdays: 1-3pm with Gab

NOTE:  Garden hours are subject to change.  Please refer frequently to our social media to double check garden times. Usually, if it is raining (raining, not drizzling), the gardens will probably not be open. If a keyholder to the garden cannot fulfill their garden hour, it is their responsibility to find a substitute or announce the cancellation. Thanks!

Office Hours:
Cubicle hours (located in the Village, South Side 3rd floor of the Student Center) 
Monday: 9-10am
Tuesday: 4-5pm
Wednesday: 4-5pm 
You can drop your dues off there! Just a reminder dues are $10!


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Main Garden:
Diamond & Carlisle St.

Sonia Sanchez Garden:
Diamond & Carlisle St.
(across the street)