21 October 2012

Independent Study Opportunity at Penrose Community Center

Temple Community Garden will be offering a stipend of $500 to a student interested in completing research and development for the after school gardening program at Penrose Community Center.  This opportunity will involve the completion of up to 3 credits of independent study with the help of a Temple University staff advisor.

Currently, the once weekly program at Penrose consists of after school tutoring followed by a nutrition or environmental lesson.  A garden on site serves as an educational tool for the program.

Applicants should have an interest in community development, environmental education, or urban gardening. 

Those who are interested should fill out the bottom portion of this application and email it to  the current program coordinator, Gabrielle Taube, at gabrielle.taube@temple.edu.  The deadline for the application is Saturday, October 27th.  Interviews will be held on the Monday the 29th and Tuesday the 30th.  The position will be announced on Wednesday, October 31st.



Please list any applicable experience with gardening, education, community programming, etc:

In a few words (250 each) respond to the following:

Why would you like to take on this independent study opportunity?

How will you utilize past experience and/or current interests to develop the after school program at Penrose?

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