05 July 2012

It's Summertime! What's a deadline?

I am very sorry for not having the garden hours posted sooner.  Hopefully, If you're used to your regularly scheduled garden hour, you just went to it this week because I really dropped the ball this time on posting the hours.  Anyway, here they are from today through next week.

Thursday July 5:  5pm
Saturday July 7: No garden hours scheduled
Sunday July 8: No garden hours scheduled
Monday July 9: 6pm-7pm
Tuesday July 10:  6pm-7pm
Wednesday July 11:  6pm-7pm
Thursday July 12:  5pm-7pm

We've been watering all the beds on the extra hot days, but make sure you come to the garden to maintain your beds.  Some veggies are just about ready for harvesting!!  If none of these times work out for you, email us at temple.vegetables@gmail.com.  We can work together to see if anyone can open the garden at a time that works better for you.  

Also, we went to Primex Garden Center last week to purchase some gardening necessities. We finally have some organic pesticides, pruners, a wand head for our hose, twine, some garden labels, and other tools.  Leave a note in our sign in book if there are tools or supplies you think would help better your gardening experience.  We also purchased a pop up greenhouse that was on sale big time. You will be notified when we plan to assemble that- hopefully in the near future.

In other news, the garden looks great! Here's a photo of all our beds:

The sunflowers have begun to bloom, and the bees are LOVING it!

We're also getting other visitors:

More photos to come as the growing season continues. Head over to our facebook to see more photos from the garden.  That's all for now!!  

PS. The Academy of Natural Sciences is having an event on Thursday July 19th called  Patch\Work: Reconnecting Urban Neighborhoods to Natural Systems.  Follow the link to go to the event page.  It should be pretty interesting!

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