24 June 2012

Garden Hours for the Week of June 24

Aloha, everyone! Surf's up, the days are hot, the plants are growing, and they are thirsty!

Our garden hours for this week are a bit different from the norm.  Here they are:
Monday 6/25:  5:30-6:30pm only
Tuesday 6/26: 5-7pm
Wednesday 6/27: 6-7pm
Thursday 6/28: 1:15-2:15 & 5-7pm
Friday 6/29: there will be no garden hour.  Sorry!

Good news, Nice Roots Farm at SHARE Foods donated a fabulous array of perennials to us for the Sonia Sanchez Garden!  They are currently getting used to being in bigger pots at the main garden after having been trapped in plugs and six packs for so long.  Stop by and say hello to the new babies next time you can!  They're just precious.

Also,  I promise there will be some cool blog posts in the next few weeks- summer classes are a real time suck! I know the posts have been slacking. In the mean time, what do you think about the amendments to the Farm Bill?

Anyway, COWABUNGA, gardeners. Stay cool.

PS:  Our Programs page is in need of serious maintenance, so it's not up right now.  It will be back soon.  No worries.  Email us if you have any questions!  temple.vegetables@gmail.com

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