24 March 2012

Raymond Rosen Community Center Clean-Up Day

Today at 11am, we went to RRCC to build the compost pile and till the beds.  It was a bit drizzly, but the rain held out for the most part.  We were able to accomplish a good amount of our goals for the day.  The compost pile is built, and the beds are coming along wonderfully!  Click the thumbnails above to view our photos from RRCC on our Flickr account.  The first photos show what the site looked like just a few weeks ago.  Since then, maintenance from the Philadelphia Housing Authority has removed a large amount of the brush.  Today we did some fine tuning to start preparing the beds for growing veggies.  Some members of TCG and RRCC pose with interesting items they found in the bramble.  We will have the soil tested soon, and then we will begin gardening and growing veggies!  The ladies at RRCC have already begun caring for seedlings, which we planted in egg cartons.  We hope to transplant them into the ground as soon as we have the beds ready!

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Main Garden:
Diamond & Carlisle St.

Sonia Sanchez Garden:
Diamond & Carlisle St.
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