01 December 2011

Wrapping Up the Semester

We covered lots of ground at tonight's meeting! Here are the details:

1) MAIN GARDEN TIMES for the rest of the semester are as follows: 

Friday 12/2 @ 1pm
Monday 12/5 @ 2pm
Wednesday 12/7 @ 2pm
Friday 12/9 @ 2pm
Monday 12/12@ 2pm
Wednesday 12/14 @ 2pm

2) We're having a gardening day at Main Garden on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 10TH to close the beds before winter break.  If you won't be on campus this winter, come and clean out your bed! Also, if you happen to have extra show curtain rings, bring them along! We'll be using them to hang tarps over the beds.

3) At the meeting we discussed the possibility of joining an organic farm co-op, where you can get fresh, organic produce delivered all year round.  Check out www.eastorganics.com for more information on how the co-op works, and contact Gab (tuc51764@temple.edu) if you're interested.

4) TOMORROW join us at 3pm at Kiaro's House shelter (Broad and Jefferson - one block past Fresh Grocer) to meet with members, talk about their interests, and begin developing our lesson plans for January.

And that about sums it up.  A lot of you missed the meeting tonight due to end-of-semester papers and projects taking precedence over your lives.  But don't wear yourselves out!  Visit the garden and de-stress by getting your hands in the dirt!  

So goodnight, gardeners.  
Come play in the sun, and try not to work too hard!

Also keep an eye out for blog posts about a few of this semester's lectures.  Lots of great speakers visited Temple and Philadelphia this semester, so keep checking back for more details if you missed them! In the coming weeks there will be plenty of new things to look at on the blog so be prepared to be WOWed!! 

Until next time, pals!

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