23 April 2011

This week @ TCG

On April 15th-17th, Temple Alumni Association welcomed Temple grads back to campus for a weekend of activities and community service. Temple Community Garden was including in the service projects on Sunday, when the alumni office sent three alumnae along with a host of student volunteers and the finances to build new raised beds at Penrose Community Center.

Two of the alumnae attendees were Dave Yanovitz of the Washington Post (right) and Phil Meyers, who graduated with a degree in finance and marketing. The two were room mates in Temple's Johnson dorm and graduated in 1991.

Students worked together to build raised beds to place in the alleyway. The beds have flowers in them currently and TCG plans to also add trellises for vertical plants. Above, Moniah and Yuan work on assembling a garden bed.

The week began and ended with service. In celebration of Earth Day, students gathered to pick up trash, fill the new beds donated by the Alumni Association with soil and flowers, plant collard greens in the old beds. Old tennis ball jars donated by the Arthur Ashe tennis program were converted into planters. A large number of college students attended, along with the Penrose regulars and some community members. The service day ended with a meal of hamburgers and hot dogs accompanied by potato salad and orange slices.

1. Emily Enko and some Penrose regulars safely pick up trash using plastic bags
2. Soil is relocated to fill the new beds
3. a girl stands with the tennis ball planters

Abigail Reimold TCG

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  1. So great to see what you guys are up to, it's all very exciting! And great photos


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