15 April 2011

Spring Banquet yields funds for TCG and turns stomaches from hungry to happy

above: banquet guests load up their plates with supper

Eggplant parmesan. Bean salad. Vegetarian pizza topped with mushrooms and feta accompanied by fresh fruit salad and veggies with humas, all washed down with apple cider and a blueberry tart.... These are only a few of the eccentric, creative homemade dishes served at yesterday's second anual spring banquet fundraiser. Great food was accompanied by spring air for both indoor and outdoor diners, candlelight, and live jazz from Boyer school of music students.

Above: freshman music major Bill Ricci enjoys a supper out of the dining hall

At the cost of just 5 dollars, the banquet was a delicious and affordable alternative for most freshman who are required to have a meal plan as part of living in residents halls. Having healthy home-cooked food is a real treat.

above: students wait in a (long) line to receive their dinners

With a line practically going out the door, the event had a great turnout, attracting 150 guests. TCG was able to raise about $750, which will be allocated to TCG's after school programs, community outreach events, and garden maintenance. The fundraiser happens at a crucial time in TCG's life: later today, Temple's main garden will move from its current corner of a parking lot raised bed spot at 11th and Berks to its (hopefully) permanent home at Norris and Broad. The Penrose and Urban Roots after school programs will continue through June and continue working with the same students during the summer. Summer will also show the cultivation of the Norris and Broad site and a chance for club members to learn gardening skills by practicing them.

TCG would like to thank all attendees, cooks, and helpers for a successful banquet.

Abigail Reimold TCG

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