22 March 2011

T-teach Me How You Dug It

TCG is into its second week of the most recent community project, Urban Roots, a partnership with the Entrepreneurial Student Association and Project E.D.U..  Around 13 kids showed up today with Harry, the school's coordinator, and we began the day with an ice breaker, People to People.  For those of you who don't know, People to People is a very intimate ice breaker of making connections.  One person is the caller, and they suggest two body parts for the participants to touch, such as "hand to hand" or "butt to butt" or "hands to ears" etc...  The kids seemed to enjoy it, and it was a good way to start introductions.  After that raucous activity, we did a thorough introduction, where everyone said their name, grade, and what they want to be when they grow up.  We seem to have quite a few future famous athletes in our midst.  The lesson for the day was supposed to be utilizing principles of recycling as an introduction, but these kids seriously didn't need us for that.  They were adding information to everything we said, and more or less kicked serious butt.  So, using our found materials as planters, we set about to actually begin planting.  Everyone gathered around the tables; Chloe messed up every step of planting; There was much laughter and conversation to be heard.  Unfortunately, as instructors, we're still getting used to the group and their rambunctious energy levels.  Luckily, plants got planted, a few extra kids expressed interest in joining, and all of the instructors learned how to Dougie. 

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  1. Urban Roots is awesome!! Come join us at 3.30 every Tuesday at 11th and Berks


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