25 January 2011

First Meeting of the 2011 Spring Semester Tonight!

The upcoming spring semester is going to be one of our biggest yet, what with our inevitable arrival to a permanent space with convenient water access.

Emily is going to start the night off right with an ice-breaker to reintroduce everyone after the long and chilly break. We'll move into a presentation on what the garden's been up to, and likely end on plans for the future. There's a lot to do, so come out for fun and friends.


  1. Scott--
    Meetings are every Tuesday at 8 in the student center! We meet during the week for community projects. If you would like more information, please send an email to temple.vegetables@gmail.com to get on our listserv


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Main Garden:
Diamond & Carlisle St.

Sonia Sanchez Garden:
Diamond & Carlisle St.
(across the street)