18 January 2011

16th Annual Greater Philadelphia MLK Day of Service


In celebration of the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., students from Temple Community Garden teamed up with members of the Penn Rose Community Center to organize books and games, clean up the kitchen and library, repaint the walls, and have a great time together for our first informal gathering of the spring semester. Volunteers arrived at 9 to start sorting and categorizing the mountains of books, not realizing how difficult it would be to place children's books into clear-cut genres. Once the books were relatively separated by subject, we placed them on the shelf with new labels to promote better organization in the future. In addition to the books, some garden volunteers got into the art of wall painting, and other busied themselves with sanitizing every visible surface in the area. Even more impressive were the construction projects being led in the main room by YouthBuild, a charter school providing out-of-school youth with a program to earn their diploma and a practical education. Around noon, every group gathered for lunch and hot cocoa. It was a luxury to be out of the cold with a hot beverage, especially as we expected to be building fences all day in the snow. Better than being in the snow for fence building: being in the snow for kickball. After all of the volunteer projects had been wrapped up, it was brought to our attention that "the little kids" had challenged us, "the big kids," to a heated game of snow kickball. There was a lot of trash talk exchanged between the groups; but in the end, big kids only talk a lot a game. We lost 14-11 in a serious show of ineptitude.


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